Srhythm NC35 vs NC75: Which Srhythm Headphones Are Best?

Srhythm has become known for its dedication to providing outstanding audio experiences in the premium noise-canceling headphone industry. The Srhythm NC35 and NC75 headphones have emerged as leading competitors in the market, showcasing distinctive attributes and capabilities.

If you find yourself undecided between these two choices and in search of the perfect headphones to suit your requirements, this thorough analysis will assist you in making a well-informed choice.

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Which Srhythm Noise Cancelling Headphones Are Best? – NC35 vs NC75

If you’re looking for top-quality noise-canceling headphones, you’ve likely come across the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 models. Both offer impressive active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to block out ambient noise, rich audio with powerful drivers, long battery life, and premium comfort. But which Srhythm headphones are the better choice for you? Let’s compare the key features of the Srhythm NC35 vs NC75.

Srhythm NC35 vs NC75 Sound Quality

With any headphones, sound quality is one of the most important factors. Both the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 deliver excellent audio reproduction and powerful bass thanks to their large 40mm drivers. The NC75 model edges out the NC35 when it comes to sound though, with its upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for faster pairing and lossless audio transmission without lags or drops.

The NC75 also utilizes dual HD noise reduction sensors to optimize the noise cancellation performance. This allows you to really immerse yourself in your music, podcasts, or movies without distractions. While the NC35 headphones still provide very good sound for the price point, audiophiles will appreciate the hi-fi sound quality of the NC75s.

Winner: The NC75 emerges as the winner in this comparison. It offers superior sound quality with powerful bass, thanks to its 40mm drivers, and takes the lead with upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for fast and seamless pairing, as well as lossless audio transmission without interruptions.

srhythm nc75

Srhythm NC35 vs NC75 Specs

When it comes to premium noise-canceling headphones, Srhythm has made a name for itself with its NC35 and NC75 models. Both offer exceptional sound quality and advanced noise-canceling technology, making it challenging to choose between them.

1. Active Noise Cancellation

A key selling point of both Srhythm headphone models is their active noise cancellation (ANC) capabilities. This uses special technology to actively block out ambient environmental noise around you. Both the NC35 and NC75 offer impressive noise cancellation of up to 90-92% to minimize distractions.

The NC35 headphones feature advanced digital ANC that works well in either wired or wireless mode. The NC75 model steps it up a notch with its luxury-level ANC performance to cut out even more background noise whether you’re commuting or flying. For maximum noise isolation, the NC75 Pro edges out the NC35.

Winner: In terms of active noise cancellation (ANC) the NC75 Pro is the winner.

2. Comfort and Design

Along with great sound, comfortable design is crucial for extended headphone wear. The Srhythm NC35 and NC75 models utilize plush memory foam padding on the ear cups and headbands. This distributes pressure evenly and allows your skin to breathe.

The protein leather and soft padding make these headphones great for all-day listening without fatigue or sweating. The NC75 does have a slight advantage with its 90° ear cup rotation for ergonomic fit. For portable use, both fold up neatly into an included carrying case. With its lightweight 0.4 lb design, the NC35 is one of the most portable over-ear ANC headphone options out there.

Winner: The NC35 is the winner when it comes to portability, as it offers a lightweight design and can fold up neatly into an included carrying case.

srhythm nc75 headphones

3. Battery Life

Battery performance is a major factor for wireless Bluetooth headphones. You want your headphones to last through long trips without constantly needing a recharge. These best headphones under $50 deliver excellent battery life.

The NC35 model offers around 50+ hours of playtime per charge. It also supports fast charging via USB-C, with just 10 minutes giving you 2 additional hours of playtime. The NC75 steps it up with an impressive 40 hour battery that outlasts the NC35’s endurance.

Winner: NC75 charges quickly, with 1-2 hours giving you a full charge. Both headphones come with an audio cable for wired use as backup when the battery runs low. But for the longest-lasting battery, the NC75 wins out.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

As Bluetooth headphones, wireless connectivity, and range are essential to consider. The Srhythm NC35 utilizes Bluetooth 5.3 technology for fast and stable pairing within 33 feet without obstacles. It can also connect to two devices simultaneously for easy switching between your phone and tablet.

The NC75 Pro model offers upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with even lower latency for real-time audio. The range is also excellent at up to 33 feet. For the latest Bluetooth technology and minimal lag or drops, the NC75 has the edge. But both deliver solid wireless performance for everyday use.

Winner: The NC75 Pro is the winner when it comes to wireless connectivity, as it offers upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 technology with lower latency for real-time audio.

NC75 Bluetooth headphones

5. User Reviews

Both the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers praising their active noise cancellation capabilities, audio quality, comfort, and value. For the Srhythm nc35 review, users describe the noise cancellation as very impressive for the price, blocking out ambient sounds even without music playing.

Many note the sound quality is crisp, clear, and impactful with tight bass. Comfort is repeatedly highlighted with the soft memory foam earcups. The lightweight and portable design also receives positive feedback.

Users say the NC35 punches above its weight class at this reasonable price point. Srhythm NC75 pro review also raves about the powerful noise cancellation that makes travel and work much less distracting. Users say audio has excellent clarity across lows, mids, and highs.

The plush memory foam is praised for comfort during long listening sessions. Many love the simple on-earcup controls. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 and 40+ hour battery life are appreciated as well. Some say the NC75 competes with brands costing 2-3x more.

Winner: Both the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, but the NC75 Pro emerges as the winner due to its powerful noise cancellation, excellent audio clarity across all frequencies, comfort during extended use, upgraded Bluetooth 5.0, and impressive 40+ hour battery life.

NC75 User Review

Noise Cancelling Headphones Comparison Chart

SpecsSrhythm NC35Srhythm NC75 Pro
Active Noise CancellationUp to 90%Up to 92%
Sound QualityVery good with 40mm driversUpgraded HD sound with dual noise reduction sensors
Battery Life50+ hours40+ hours
Bluetooth Version5.35.0
Weight0.4 pounds0.6 pounds
Earcup ControlANC, playback controlANC, playback control, volume


In the showdown between Srhythm’s NC35 and NC75 headphones, the choice ultimately depends on your priorities. If you value affordability and comfort, the NC35 is a fantastic option. However, if you prioritize top-tier sound quality, superior noise cancellation, and a longer battery life, the NC75 emerges as the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 headphones compare for sound quality?

The NC75 model offers upgraded audio performance with its dual HD noise reduction sensors and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. But the NC35 still provides very good sound with its 40mm drivers. For the best sound, the NC75 Pro edges out the NC35.

What is the difference in battery life between models?

The NC35 provides around 50+ hours of playtime, while the NC75 lasts around 40+ hours on a charge. So the NC35 has a slight advantage in battery endurance.

Do both models have active noise cancellation?

Yes, both the Srhythm NC35 and NC75 provide impressive active noise cancellation to block ambient sounds. The NC75 features luxury-level ANC performance to cut out slightly more noise.

Can you use the headphones wired?

Yes, both come with an audio cable for wired use in case the battery runs out. This also allows use with in-flight entertainment systems.

Which Bluetooth version do they use?

The NC35 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.3, while the NC75 uses Bluetooth 5.0. Both provide stable wireless connectivity.

What accessories are included?

Both include a carry case, audio cable, and aeroplane adapter. The NC35 also provides a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter.

Which is better for phone calls?

Both models feature built-in microphones for phone calls and voice assistants. The NC75 may have slightly better call quality with its upgraded Bluetooth connectivity.

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