How To Turn Off Beats Solo 3? [4 Methods]

In today’s world of wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity, headphones like the popular Beats Solo 3 allow us to conveniently listen to music and take calls without being tethered to our devices. However, every headphone needs to be powered down properly when not in use to save battery life.

Turning off your Beats Solo 3 is a simple process once you know the various methods available. In this comprehensive guide, the HeadPhones Baba team will walk through the step-by-step instructions to power down your Beats 3 using the power button, Bluetooth settings, or removing the battery completely.

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How To Turn Off Beats Solo 3? [A Complete Guide]

Being able to properly turn off your Beats 3 wireless headphones is important for maximizing battery life and ensuring smooth performance.

By using the simple power button method, resetting headphones, disconnecting Bluetooth, or removing the battery, you can easily power down Beats headphones when not using them.

Keep these tips and steps in mind so you can always turn off your headphones the right way.

1. Use the Power Button to Turn Off Beats Solo 3

The most straightforward way to turn off your Beats 3 headphones is by using the power button located on the right ear cup. Here is how to power down the headset by using the power button:

a. Press and Hold the Power Button

  • Locate the power button on the bottom of the right ear cup of your Beats 3 wireless headphones.
  • For 5-7 seconds, press and hold the Solo Headset power button. Do not let go of the button until the headphones shut down.

b. LED Lights Will Flash to Indicate Shutting Down

  • As you continue to hold the power button, the LED fuel gauge lights on the Beats 3 headphones will begin flashing white.
  • Keep holding the power button down until the flashing LED lights turn off completely.

c. Release the Power Button Once the Headphones Shut Down

  • When the LED fuel gauge lights have fully turned off, this indicates your Solo 3 headphones have shut down.
  • You can then safely release the power button. Your headphones are now powered down through the power button method.

turn off beat solo 3 by using power button

2. Reset Your Beats Solo 3 to Turn Them Off

If your Solo 3 headphones are malfunctioning or not responding, you may need to reset them first before being able to power them down. Resetting your headphones is as simple as this:

a. Together, press and hold the Power and Volume buttons

  • In the same way, you press the power button, and press and hold the volume down button.
  • Keep both buttons pressed simultaneously until your headphones begin the reset sequence.

b. Continue Holding As the LED Lights Flash Red and White

  • Keep holding as the LED lights flash red and white to indicate the reset sequence is in progress.
  • Do not let go until the reset sequence is complete. The flashing red and white lights signal the reset.

c. Release Buttons Once the Reset Sequence Completes

  • After the red and white flashing LED sequence, release both the power and volume down buttons.
  • The headphones will now be reset and safely powered down.

turn off beat solo 3 by resetting it

3. Disconnect Beats 3 Bluetooth to Turn Off

Since Solo 3 are wireless Bluetooth earphones, disconnecting them from your device’s Bluetooth will also power them down:

a. Go to Bluetooth Settings on Your Device

  • On an iPhone, Android, iPad, or other device, open the Bluetooth settings in your Settings app.
  • On a Windows or Mac laptop, open Bluetooth settings in System Preferences.

b. Locate and Select Your Beats Solo 3 Headphones

  • In the Bluetooth settings menu, locate the Solo 3 headphones.
  • Select your headphones to open the device options.

c. Select Disconnect to Power Down Beats Solo 3

  • Choose the Disconnect option to disconnect your Solo 3 headphones.
  • This will power down the headphones since the Bluetooth connection is severed.

turn off beat solo 3 by using bluetooth method

4. Remove Battery to Force Shut Down Beats Solo 3

If your Solo 3 headphones are completely frozen or unresponsive, removing the battery is the most forceful way to power them down:

a. Open the Battery Compartment on the Left Ear Cup

  • The battery compartment is concealed behind a small cover on the left ear cup.
  • Slide open the battery cover to access the battery housing.

b. Gently Remove the Battery From the Compartment

  • Carefully pry or tilt the battery out of the battery housing to remove the power source.
  • Once the battery is fully removed, your Solo 3 headphones are certain to be powered down since there is no battery providing power. This method forces a shutdown if all else fails.

Remove Battery to Force Shut Down Beats Solo 3

Helpful Tips for Powering Down Your Beats Solo 3

  • Always remember to turn off your Solo 3 headphones when not using them to extend the battery life.
  • Try resetting your headphones if simply pressing the power button does not work.
  • Use the disconnect option in Bluetooth settings if the power button fails.
  • Removing the battery is a last resort but guarantees your headphones shut down.
  • Fully charge your headphones to provide up to 40 hours of battery life for music playback.


In conclusion, knowing how to properly turn off your Beats Solo 3 headphones is crucial to get the most out of their battery life. By using the power button, resetting, disconnecting Bluetooth, or removing the battery, you can easily power down your Solo 3 when not in use.

Following these simple step-by-step instructions will allow you to turn off your wireless headphones the right way each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to properly turn off your headphones, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

How do I turn off Beats Solo 3?

Press and hold the power button on your Beats 3 for 5-7 seconds until the LED lights power down to turn them off.

Why won’t my Beats Solo 3 turn off?

If the power button does not respond, try resetting your Beats headset by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons together until the LED flashes red and white.

How can I turn off Beats Solo 3 when frozen?

If your Beats headset is frozen, open the battery compartment and remove the battery to force it to power down.

Does turning off Beats Solo 3 save battery life?

Yes, always turn off your Beats Solo 3 headphones when not in use to preserve battery life.

How do I disconnect Beats Solo 3 Bluetooth?

To disconnect your Beats headphones Wireless Bluetooth, go into your device’s Bluetooth settings menu, select your headphones, and choose Disconnect.

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