Astro A50 Not Charging: Here’s What to Do? 6 Quick Fixes

Is Astro A50 not Charging? Here’s what to do. To resolve the Astro A50 not charging issue, start by inspecting the USB cable and power source for any defects. Ensure the headset is correctly seated on the charging base. If the problem persists, perform a reset by holding the Dolby and Game buttons. Updating the firmware via the Astro Command Center software may also help.

The Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset has long been a go-to choice for gamers seeking an immersive audio experience. Its remarkable sound quality, comfortable design, and wireless convenience have earned it a well-deserved spot among the top gaming peripherals.

In this comprehensive guide, the HeadPhones Baba team will give you complete guidance on what to do if the Astro headset is not charging. Hopefully, you will like these easy-to-follow methods, so don’t miss it.

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How To Fix the Astro A50 Not Charging Issue? [6 Easy Methods]

The Astro A50 wireless gaming headset is one of the most popular and well-reviewed headsets on the market. However, some users have reported issues with the A50 not connecting to the charger or holding a charge. Here are some tips for troubleshooting the A50 headset not charging PS5.

1. Check Power and Connections

The first thing to check is that the A50 base station has power and is connected properly. Make sure the base station is plugged into a working power outlet. Check that the USB cable is securely connected from the base station to your PC or console. Also, inspect the connector ends for any damaged or bent pins.

If the base station has power but the A50 is still not charging, try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable or swapping to another USB port on your device.

Astro red headset

2. Force the headset into Standby Mode

If the A50 is powered on but still won’t charge, you can try forcing it into standby mode. Press and hold the Dolby button on the headset for about 15 seconds until the Dolby logo blinks. This should force the A50 into standby so it can charge.

Once on standby, the A50 should begin charging within a few minutes. The LEDs on the front of the earcups will pulse white when charging and then turn off when fully charged.

3. Check the Charging Contacts

Another thing to inspect is the charging contacts on both the headset and base station. Make sure there is no dust, debris, or corrosion on the metal charging pins. You can use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the contacts on both units.

Also, check that the headset is sitting properly on the base station so the charging pins are aligned and making good contact. The A50 may fail to charge if it’s misaligned on the base even slightly.

Astro A50 head set charging problem

4. Replace the Rechargeable Battery

If you’ve ruled out power and connection issues, the rechargeable battery inside the Astro A50 may need to be replaced. The Lithium-ion battery can wear out over time and no longer hold a full charge. 

You’ll need to purchase a replacement A50 battery from Astro’s website or other retailers online. Follow the instructions to carefully open up the headset earcup and swap out the old battery for a new one. Make sure to assemble correctly.

Replacing the battery should allow the A50 to charge up and hold power like normal again.

5. Reset and Update the Headset

Resetting the headset to factory settings may also help resolve charging issues. With the A50 on the base station, hold the Dolby and Game buttons down simultaneously for 30 seconds until the headset resets.

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You’ll then need to reconnect and resync the headset to the base station. Follow Astro’s setup guide to repair and calibrate the A50.

Update the A50 headset and base station firmware to the latest versions. New firmware updates often fix the Astro A50 won’t turn off the issue and improve charging performance.

6. Contact Astro Support

If you still can’t get the Astro A50 to charge after trying these troubleshooting tips, you may need to contact Astro support. They can offer personalized advice and further troubleshooting steps for your specific situation.

As a last resort, Astro may have you submit an RMA request to set up a replacement or repair if your A50 is under warranty. Be sure to have your proof of purchase on hand when reaching out to their support team.

Astro A50 headset on white table


With some basic troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve an Astro A50 Not Charging issue. Check connections, clean the contacts, force a reset, or replace the battery if needed. You can contact Astro support if issues persist after trying these fixes. A fully charged A50 provides an amazing wireless gaming and listening experience, so take the time to troubleshoot charging problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my A50 keep flashing white?

If the A50 headset keeps flashing white, this typically means it’s trying to charge but failing to make a proper connection. Check that the headset is seated correctly on the base station and that the charging pins are clean. Forcing a reset can also help resolve this flashing issue.

How long should the A50 battery last?

With a full charge, the A50 battery will typically last around 8-10 hours of continuous use. This may be less if you have the audio set very loud. Letting the battery drain completely before recharging can shorten its lifespan.

Can you use Astro A50 while charging?

Yes, you can use the Astro A50 while it is charging. The headset comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge it while using it. This means that you can continue to enjoy your gaming experience without interruptions, even when the battery is running low.

Why won’t my A50 charge at the base station?

If the A50 won’t charge while seated at the base station, first make sure the base has power. If it does, check that the headset is making good contact with the charging pins. Clean the pins and adjust the fit as needed. The headset may also not charge if the internal battery needs to be replaced.

What is the expected Astro A50 charging time?

The expected charging time for that headset is approximately 4-5 hours. This may vary slightly depending on the specific model and battery capacity.

How can I tell when the A50 is fully charged?

When fully charged, the LEDs on the front of the A50 earcups will turn solid white and then shut off completely after a few minutes. The Astro A50 not charging red light will also turn off when the headset is undocked. Solid white LEDs indicate a full battery.

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