Tozo NC9 vs NC9 Plus: Which One Is Right for You?

It’s time to take a deep dive into the world of noise-canceling headphones. If you’re a headphones lover looking for the best set of cans on the market, check out our comparison between two popular sets: Tozo NC9 vs NC9 Plus

We are going to compare each pair side by side, breaking down every aspect that makes them special so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about which model is best suited to your listening needs. So sit back and enjoy as we discuss sound quality, design ergonomics, and more in our comprehensive review!



  • Intuitive Touch Controls


  • Longer Battery Life

Comparison Table: Tozo NC9 vs NC9 Plus

FeatureTOZO NC9TOZO NC9 Plus
DesignSleek and sturdy with intuitive touch controlsMore compact, comfortable fit with refined touch controls
Sound QualityVibrant mid-highs, punchy bass, balanced soundMore refined sound profile, clearer detail in highs, more powerful bass
Noise-Cancellation TechnologyEffective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)Improved ANC with added transparency mode
Battery LifeOver 11 hours playtime, additional 26 hours with caseUp to 13 hours playtime at over 80% volume without ANC
Voice Assistant CompatibilityCompatible with popular voice assistantsUpgraded compatibility with various voice assistants
EQ ControlBasic EQ settingsAdvanced EQ control for personalized listening
PriceLower price pointSlightly higher due to upgraded features
WarrantyStandard warrantyExtended warranty available
Accessories IncludedCharging case, ear tips in different sizesCharging case, ear tips in different sizes, carrying pouch
Customer ReviewsPositive reviews praising build quality, sound performance and effective noise cancellationPositive feedback highlighting enhanced sound quality, improved ANC, extended battery life
AdvantagesGood value for money, effective noise cancellation, reliable battery lifeEnhanced sound quality, improved noise cancellation, longer battery life, advanced features
DisadvantagesSound quality could be improved, lacks advanced featuresHigher price point, may be more features than some users need

Design: Tozo NC9 vs NC9 Plus

The design comparison of Tozo NC9 Vs NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

The TOZO NC9 earbuds boast a sleek and sturdy design. They feel well-constructed, providing a sense of durability and longevity, which is impressive given their price tag. The touch controls are intuitive and easy to use, making them a convenient choice for those always on the go.

Tozo NC9 Plus

On the other hand, the TOZO NC9 Plus maintains the same high-quality build but with a few subtle enhancements. The earbuds are slightly more compact, offering a more comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. The touch controls have also been refined, providing smoother operation.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Tozo NC9 Vs NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

When it comes to sound quality, both earbuds deliver in spades. The TOZO NC9 has vibrant mid-highs and punchy bass, resulting in a nicely balanced sound. It’s a fun listening experience that suits a variety of music genres.

Tozo NC9 Plus

The TOZO NC9 Plus, however, takes things a step further. The sound profile is more refined, offering clearer detail in the highs and a more powerful bass response. It’s an auditory experience that is sure to please even the most discerning audiophile.

Noise-Cancellation Technology

The difference of Noise-Cancellation Technology between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

One of the standout features of the TOZO NC9 is its effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. It can block out a significant amount of background noise, making it ideal for noisy environments or for those who value immersive listening experiences.

Tozo NC9 Plus

The TOZO NC9 Plus ups the ante with an improved ANC feature. It not only cancels out more background noise but also offers a transparency mode. This handy feature allows ambient sounds to filter through when needed, providing a safer option for outdoor activities.

Battery Life

The difference of battery life between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

Both earbuds offer impressive battery life, but there are slight differences. The TOZO NC9 provides over 11 hours of playtime from a single charge, and the case provides an additional 26 hours.

Tozo NC9 Plus

The upgraded TOZO NC9 Plus boasts a longer battery life. On a single charge, it can last up to 13 hours at over 80% volume without ANC, making it a reliable companion for long trips or heavy users.

User Interface

The difference of user interface between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

The User Interface (UI) of both the TOZO NC9 and TOZO NC9 Plus has been designed with a focus on intuitive navigation and user-friendly controls.

The mobile application that accompanies these earbuds is clean and straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate through different settings and adjust them as per their preferences.

The layout and organization of the app ensure that even first-time users can easily understand and control the features of the earbuds.

Tozo NC9 Plus

For the TOZO NC9 Plus, the UI goes a step further by incorporating advanced features like an EQ control.

This allows users to personalize their listening experience, adjusting sound profiles to match their taste or the genre of music they’re listening to.

This level of customization elevates the user experience, making the TOZO NC9 Plus a standout choice for those who value personalized audio settings.

Ear Pads Quality

The ear pads quality of Tozo NC9 Vs NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

Comfort is a non-negotiable aspect when it comes to earbuds, and both TOZO models excel in this area. The TOZO NC9 comes equipped with comfortable ear pads that can be worn for extended periods without causing discomfort.

The material used for these ear pads is soft yet durable, ensuring that they maintain their quality and comfort over time.

Tozo NC9 Plus

On the other hand, the TOZO NC9 Plus takes comfort to another level with its compact design and refined ear pads. These earbuds offer an even better fit, adapting well to the shape of the ear and ensuring that they stay secure even during active use.

This enhanced fit not only boosts comfort but also improves sound isolation, making the TOZO NC9 Plus a great choice for long listening sessions.


The difference of connectivity between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

Reliable connectivity is critical to the performance of wireless earbuds. Both the TOZO NC9 and TOZO NC9 Plus deliver in this regard, offering stable Bluetooth connections with minimal drops or lags.

Whether users are moving around the house, working out, or stepping out for a run, they can expect continuous, uninterrupted audio playback.

Tozo NC9 Plus

However, some users have noted that the TOZO NC9 Plus offers slightly superior connectivity performance. This could be due to enhanced Bluetooth technology or better signal stability.

Regardless, both models provide dependable connectivity, ensuring that your music or calls are never interrupted by connection issues.

Price Consideration

The difference of price between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

When it comes to pricing, the TOZO NC9 is an excellent pick for its price point. It offers a range of features and reliable performance at a cost that is accessible to many consumers. This makes it a great choice for those looking for high-quality earbuds without breaking the bank.

Tozo NC9 Plus

The TOZO NC9 Plus, with its enhanced features and superior performance, comes at a slightly higher cost. However, considering the improved sound quality, advanced noise cancellation, and extended battery life, the price difference can be justified.

For those willing to invest a bit more for these advanced features and superior audio experience, the TOZO NC9 Plus presents a worthwhile option.

Customer Reviews

The comparison between Tozo NC9 and NC9 Plus on customer based reviews is described in detail below:

Tozo NC9

Tozo NC9
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The TOZO NC9 has received glowing reviews from customers. Many have praised its overall build quality, sound performance, and effective noise cancellation. One user noted, “They were lightweight and comfortable to wear during a morning run or a long-haul flight.”

Tozo NC9 Plus

Tozo NC9 Plus
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The TOZO NC9 Plus, while relatively new on the scene, has also garnered positive feedback. Users have highlighted its enhanced sound quality, improved ANC feature, and extended battery life.

One satisfied customer shared, “The sound is clear and detailed with crispy treble and powerful bass. The ANC feature is also impressive.”

Pros and Cons: Tozo NC9


  • Affordable price
  • Sleek design
  • Decent sound quality
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Comfortable fit


  • Limited EQ control
  • Average battery life

Pros and Cons: Tozo NC9 Plus:


  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Improved noise cancellation
  • Longer battery life
  • Advanced EQ control
  • Compact and comfortable fit


  • Slightly higher price

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TOZO NC9 have an app?

Yes, the TOZO NC9 earbuds do have a dedicated app called TOZO Sound. The app, available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, lets you control various settings of the earbuds, including EQ and mode selection. It’s easy to use and enhances your experience with the earbuds.

What is the transparency mode on TOZO NC9?

Transparency mode on the TOZO NC9 is a feature that allows ambient sound to filter through the earbuds. This can be activated via the TOZO Sound app or the earbuds’ touch controls. It’s beneficial for awareness of your surroundings, but it might slightly diminish the music listening experience due to external noise.

Which country made Tozo earbuds?

TOZO is a company based in China that specializes in audio technology. While the brand is Chinese, it has gained global recognition for its high-quality, affordable earbuds. The TOZO earbuds, including the NC9 model, are manufactured in China under strict quality control standards.

Do Tozo earbuds work with an iPhone?

Yes, TOZO earbuds, including the TOZO NC9 model, work seamlessly with an iPhone. They connect via Bluetooth and can be controlled using the TOZO Sound app available on the Apple App Store. This ensures a smooth and integrated user experience for iPhone users.

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Final Thoughts

Both the TOZO NC9 and the TOZO NC9 Plus are commendable wireless earbuds, offering excellent value for their price. If you’re seeking a balance of sound quality, noise cancellation, and battery life, the TOZO NC9 will serve you well.

However, if you’re willing to invest a bit more for advanced features and superior sound quality, the TOZO NC9 Plus is worth considering. Its refined sound profile, improved ANC, and extended battery life make it a worthy upgrade.

In the end, your choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both earbuds cater to a wide audience, from casual listeners to serious audiophiles. Whichever you choose, rest assured that both models provide a remarkable listening experience that punches above their weight.

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